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    Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur who has spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical sector.


    Kris is the founder of Canada Drugs, an international online pharmacy. Founded in 2001, Kris formed Canada Drugs to help individuals around the world buy prescription medications at more competitive prices. For 17 years, Kris led the company, with Canada Drugs helping millions of patients gain access to the best prices on the best brand and generic medications.


    Kris started his pharmacy career at HW Pharmacy in Winnipeg in 1991 while still attending the University of Manitoba, where he graduated with a double bachelor’s degree (in Pharmacy and Psychology) in 1996. He ended up buying HW Pharmacy with a partner, after having his pharmacist’s licence for just three months. After 18 months, he became the sole owner of the pharmacy and subsequently sold the store to Safeway Canada in 1995.


    Kris served two terms as a councillor for the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association (now known as the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba). In 2006, Kris donated $500,000 to the University of Manitoba’s pharmacy program, which named a laboratory after him. Kris is also an active supporter of Agape Table and the Canadian Lutheran World Relief, among other charitable organizations.


    Today, Kris Thorkelson helps lead Thorwin Properties, a Winnipeg-based property management company that matches homes and apartments with rental tenants. Kris shares Thorwin Properties’ vision of leading the industry by providing quality multi-family rental houses and apartments. MPR opened its doors in August 2016, and has been rapidly growing ever since. The property management firm currently owns and manages 1,400 apartment units in the Winnipeg area.


  • Education

    University of Manitoba

    1991- 1996

    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Major)

    University of Manitoba

    1986- 1991

    Bachelor of Science in pharmacy

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    Kris Thorkelson

    is an accomplished entrepreneur who makes his home in the city of Winnipeg. He has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having found and led a number of retail pharmacy businesses to success.

    Community Connection: Kris Thorkelson’s Vision for My Place Realty

    Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur with over twenty years in the retail pharmaceutical industry. Most recently, he ventured into an industry separate from pharmacy – real estate. Attracted to the industry for its hands-on approach to serving clients, he and his team founded My Place Realty, a property management company specializing in finding the perfect home or apartment for Winnipeg residents.

    Winnipeg Entrepreneur Kris Thorkelson Brings Innovation to Another Industry

    It is said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower; that those who are able to successfully adapt to change often use adversity to his or her advantage. Often, when benefits outweigh risks, the end result is success. But what about applying that same drive to another industry?

    [INTERVIEW] Kris Thorkelson, Entrepreneur And Business Leader

    Successful entrepreneurs become that way by being on the leading edge of trends involving consumer behaviors and preferences and ways to capitalize on them. Such has been the case for Winnipeg’s Kris Thorkelson.

    Kris Thorkelson: Innovating In One Industry at a Time

    Entrepreneurs often find themselves rooted in one industry or another, finding something that works and sticking to it. Kris Thorkelson defies this principle, having experienced a number of successes during his 20+ year entrepreneurial career. Kris began his career in the pharmaceutical industry, opening a chain of four pharmacies in his native Winnipeg, Manitoba, as well as two medical clinics which he still operates.

    Kris Thorkelson and Tom Haughton's My Place Realty Raise Funds for Manitoba Mutts

    A neighbourhood fundraiser organized by Kris Thorkelson and Tom Haughton of My Place Realty (MPR), has garnered over $1,000 for Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

    The Q&A With Kris Thorkelson, Entrepreneur And Owner Of My Place Realty

    Kris Thorkelson is a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur who has enjoyed a twenty-plus year career as a successful business leader. Over the span of his career, Kris has led businesses, primarily in the retail pharmacy space, including leading Canada Drugs, an online pharmacy that helped millions of patients gain access to the competitive prices on brand and generic medications. Kris Thorkelson is also the owner of My Place Realty (MPR), a Winnipeg property management company dedicated to helping renters find quality multi-family homes in and around Winnipeg.

    My Place Realty's Kris Thorkelson and Tom Haughton Advocate for Pet-Friendly Rental Policy

    My Place Realty, a property management company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, aims to be a positive, active force within the real estate and property management industries and within the community of Winnipeg. One of My Place Realty's core values is being forward thinking, which is why president, Kris Thorkelson, and Tom Haughton, vice president, have instituted progressive and welcoming pet policies for My Place Realty's properties.

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